Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feels like forever...

I am so glad the Jazz season has begun again! I have actually missed it! I never thought I would know all the players names and actually give a crap if they won! We went to our first game of the year last night and we had a blast. They did not win even though they had a 15 point lead at one time. Then we were tied for awhile and the kings got a 15 point steady lead on us. We did do a little bit of catching up in the last quarter.
The Jazz Bear comes out every game on his Sexy Harley!
Huddle up!
{Missin Korver!}
{Just 411, Fanzz is selling all his merchandise off for 50%}
These young guys came out on their skates and put on an amazing show!
They kinda thought they were cool, and I kinda thought they were too...
I could totally do that!}
{I will go buy some skates and start practicing!
My man Price! He is my Fave on the team and I hope he gets more playing time this season!
{Sorry its a little blurry, He never stands still!}
Face shot of Price. Woot Woot!
Diego and I
{Don't be jealous of our 8Th row seats!}
The Jazz bear makes me laugh every game. He first came out with asking for the $5, Nobody ponied up. So he came back asking for the $1, still no one. So he decided to give them a way for free! So cute!
D- Will was awesome! Diego sports the Numero Ocho Jersey like almost all of the Jazz fans!
Funny Funny Jazz Bear!

Such a great night, Hope we can get to a lot of games again this season!
Go Jazz!


tammy said...

Even though we moved to AZ 12 years ago, we are still JAZZ fans.

Adam and Traci said...

Oh gotta love our good ol' Jazz. How lame was the third quarter of that game though, AH! You looked awesome at the game by the way!

Anonymous said...

Baby: OUR 8th row seats???? thats only OUR wish!!!!
Love Ya

Anonymous said...
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