Friday, December 25, 2009

Dos down, uno to go!

We are now sitting in Miami!
I did not have any time to blog while in Texas because we were runnin round the airport.
Here are some pics from our flight from SLC to Houston.  I did not get to take any pics on the flight from Houston to Miami because I did not get the window seat. : (
But we did get to watch The Time Travelers Wife. I hate sad movies. But it helped pass the time!
The Miami airport is huge. Nothing is open though. I was hoping my last meal on American soil was going to be Chiles To Go, but they were shut down for the night.
I can feel moisture in the air while we are sitting here. 
I am not excited for a 9.5 hour flight. Hopefully I can fall asleep!
I will hopefully be back tomorrow night to post pictures of Diegos reunion with his Familia!

I have always wanted to try Popeyes Chicken!
They had one in Dallas.
My favorite thing in the world is chicken fingers and hey had some bomb ass ones!

Good Night!
Hope you all got a ton of Christmas presents!!!!


The Jaynes Family said...

Miss you! Hope you are enjoying Uruguay so far. Make sure to have a Chivito for me!

jean said...

Hope u made it there okay. Can't wait to hear your stories.