Friday, December 25, 2009

Take off...

Holy F!
Yesterday morning we woke up early.
I got in the shower.
Blow dried my hair.
Finished my packing.
I was feeling a little nervous but I could handle it.
Then we get an email from AA.
"Your flight has been canceled.
We will let you know when your flight has been rescheduled."
I then popped a Xanax.
My stomach was in knotts.
We go to my parents to hang out while we wait.
An hour later we get an email.
"Your new flight itinerary.
You leave tomorrow."
Diego is soooo sad.
I am bummed that I was ready and now I have to go through all the emotions again.
I hang out with my family all day.
It saved me from sitting at home being nervous about maybe not being able to leave the next day.
We shopped, baked, and ate steak and shrimp.
Then we go home after playing skip-bo ten times.
We wake up to the Diegos phone telling us we have a new email.
Please. Please. Please.
Dont be an email from AA!
It was just an email from costco.
We got up and went over to my moms so she could do my hair.
She dropped us off at the airport.
We are sitting here waiting to board!
Lets rock and roll people!!!

Merry Christmas!

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Emily Christine said...

Love your hair! Merry Christmas! Can't wait to hear all about your trip! Love you girly!