Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 14 January 8th

Today we woke up earlier than usual to try and get to the hand in the sand before there were a thousand people there. {I did not want strange people in my beautiful photo!} When we got there I was a little pissed that people were selling things right in front of the hand, do they not think about anybody but themselves? I wanted to push them out of the way so they would not be in my photo but Diego said I could not yell at them. : ( Then we wait our turn to take our photo. We get up to the statue and it smells like every drunken guy in Punta Del Este had peed on the statue last night. Disgusting! But I got my photo!
We decided to try a new beach today. It sucked! There were a couple hundred people there and it was H.O.T! I went out in the water and it felt like the sun was ten feet above me. I got out and went and sat under our umbrella. I decided I am not a beach person at all. Maybe I would be if I had a lot of money and I had a private beach with a house only a football field away from the waves! {Dream big right?} It was so boring. I had already read all the books that I brought on the trip so I just sat there and died of heat. I am proud to say I still have not gotten really bad sunburn!
We decided to go to McDonalds for dinner. I was very excited to try a Big Mac down here because when I was in Ireland they did not have a Big Mac on the menu and I wanted to compare the taste. It was so freaking yummy! I should have asked for more pickles because I miss pickles so much! I was in love. It made me miss home though. I imagined myself eating my Big Mac and fries while watching CSI Miami on my couch underneath my favorite blanket.
The place we are staying does not have wi-fi so I can still not upload all of my blog posts or pictures yet. It sucks. And if I do want to get online I have to pay to use one of the places computers that are so slow and crappy that it’s not even worth getting on. I have not been on in about 5 days now. It sucks not having access to the internet all the time!

So we thought most the people standing around the hand that were offering to take photos looked a little bit shady and we did not trust our camera with them so we tried to do it ourself.
1st try: Diego does not make it to the top. LMAO.

2nd Try:
We find a guy that looks safe so we ask him to take the photo. We had not taken off the ten second wait time so the guy put the camera down just as he was taking it!

3rd try:
We finally got it!
But I hate it!
The buildings in the background look stupid!

How do I photo shop this jack ass lady out of my photo?

I ran out of books so I went to the book store in town.
I was so excited to see the Twilight Series!

In Uruguay you are not cool unless you have a ton of stickers on the back of your car.

Thats all the world needs to see of me in my bathing suit!


They take their Mate to McDonalds!

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