Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 15 January 9th

Today we woke up early again to go back to the Hand. We wanted Natalia to get a family picture because they had not gone with us yesterday. Nobody was there! So awesoe! I like our picture better from today because we have the background as the ocean not the ugly buildings.
We then headed into La Barra to get our picture in front of the Rollercoaster Bridge. Driving on the bridge is really fun. It feels just like you are on an actual rollercoaster! {411: I decided that they should put a Disneyland in Punta Del Este, it would be a wise investment for Disney!} I really liked our photo in front of the bridge. If you get up early enough you can get stuff done before it becomes deathly hot and all your photos look crappy because you are sweating to death.
We then drove into Jose Ignacio where there is a beautiful light house and beach! We hung out there for awhile so we could get pictures on the beach. We found a dead stingray on the beach and dared Diego to touch it and see if he got stung. He is a wuss and just flipped it over with his shoe. Jose Ignacio is a perfect beach town, not many stores to attract people and it’s about an hour out of Punta so not a whole lot of people on the beaches.
We went back to the beach by our hotel today, we waited until about 7 so that the sun would not be straight up in the sky and it was just perfect. I actually put my head under the water and swam around a little bit. Very proud of myself! I am going through so much sunscreen though. It’s kind of gross but at least I am not burned. {I actually have a tan!}
I have made a new friend at our hotel; he is guy in his 50s with not many teeth that sells tortas fritas {scone like treats} to everybody. The first time I tried to buy the food from him he started to talk to me and I hurry and blurted out that I don’t speak Spanish. {In Espanola of course.} And he fallows me back to Diego and starts talking to him about me. He talked to Diego for about a half an hour the first night and Diego just wanted to die. He was crazy! So every night I bribe my little nephew into going and buying my treats for me so that I don’t have to talk to him, last night though he found me. I walked away to take a shower and the whole time I was gone “my boyfriend” asked my family where I was and said that I have the biggest smile and the best laugh. I told Diego that he has competition!

Nobody sellin hats today!

I finally got my picture takin in front of the Hand!!

Rollercoaster Bridge

La Barra

La Barra

The pictures dont do it justice!

Doesnt his look like the Gateway?
Newest hotel in La Barra.

Jose Ignacio was gorgeous!

They have porta potties that are cleaned after each use! This one even had flowers in it!

The shores were all sea shells. They just sparkled in the sun.

The dead jelly fish!

Diego playin on the rocks

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MoBridge5 said...

Haha you would take a picture of the toilets! oh and sexy tan Sam Jo!
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