Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 16 January 10th

It’s our last day in Punta Del Este. I woke up early for the first time in two weeks so that I could go down to the beach and watch the sunrise. Not one person was on the beach. I walked along looking for sea shells to add to my collection at home and only found a couple good enough to take. I then ate my delicious breakfast of chocolate flavored cereal and went back to bed till 10! {Have I mentioned how you buy milk here? It comes in bags. It’s very different. I need to remember to take a photo before I leave!}

Diego’s Mom wanted to go buy some sea shells for her house so we stopped by one of the sellers on the side of the street. My bathroom at home is decorated in sea shells and light houses so I got two big sea shells to add to my collection! I got a big starfish for my neighbors that have been gathering our mail for us while we have been gone. {Shhh… don’t tell them, it’s a surprise.}

We stopped and ate lunch at a little restaurant by the water. I finally had a proper Chivito! It was delicious! They even served me my water in a wine glass, I am one classy broad! It was nice to relax after walking around in the hella hot sun all morning. Of course I had to pee right after we left and the only bathroom we could find did not have toilet seats. This is not weird to me anymore. Most public bathrooms don’t have them, I am not sure if they think they are going to be stolen so they just take them off but it sucks to have to try and hold yourself up!

The drive home was not bad but I got sunburned from sitting at the lovely restaurant on the water so the whole time we were driving I had to be careful to not rub my arm on the chair or it hurt like a biotch! We got home and relaxed by the TV {only in Spanish} and ate pizza.

The docks at Punta!

Not as good as wine but its just lunch time!

Proper Chivito!

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