Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 January 11th

Today we sat around doing nothing. : (

We finally were able to have an adults night out tonight. I love to gamble so I have been begging Diego to take me to a casino here. We went to a brand new one in down town Montevideo. We did not leave the house till about 11:30 and it was scary outside. I did not even like looking out the window at people because they all just stare at you with their scary eyes. We got to the casino and it was tiny. You can’t even play cards with a dealer; you have to do it on a slot machine. We had spent all our money that we said we were going to spend {900 pesos, $50 American} and I won 950 pesos on my last credit in the machine!!! So we cashed out and went and found Martin and Natalia at the roulette “table.” They do not have a table with a person spinning the ball; it’s a machine with computers all around it. You bet on our screen and then the machine in the middle spins that ball. We decided to try it. We out in 100 pesos and lost it after a couple turns. We put in another 200 pesos and Diego and I both had a couple good hits and we broke even. Not a bad night at all. We were leaving the casino and I seriously thought we were going to be killed. When you are leaving your parking place there is always some guy that has assigned himself to helping you get out of your parking spot. You don’t ask for their help, they just offer it up. But they expect money for their “trouble”, even if all they did was tell you there was a car coming that you could clearly see yourself. Well a guy helped us and Diego did not pay him. The guy gets pissed and starts to chase us down, but we made the green light so he stopped. Scary!

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