Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 18 January 12th

Today we went back into down town Montevideo to do a little shopping before we left. I needed to get some stuff for my family and I wanted plates to put on my wall at home. We found the cutest stores, all with homemade stuff from Uruguay. I went into one and the girl started to talk to me in Spanish so I ignored her and started talking to Diego in English. This girl perks right up and starts speaking English. Oh goody. She was crazy but very helpful. I was looking for scarves for my mom and my sisters and this lady asked me which colors I wanted. I told her and she pulled down fifty scarves that had brown in them. I finally found one for all of them and found me some hand painted wood plates that I just love. The lady wrapped them up before I could take photos so I will hang them on my walls and then you can see them.

We went home and sat around for awhile and Diego decided that he should finally entertain me so we went out to look around at the malls. The first one we went too used to be a prison! It was very fun to walk around their malls. It was very similar to our but I did not know any of the brands that they were selling. We then drove along the outside of the city which is directly on the beach. It is crazy the amount of apartment buildings they have here. We went to the next mall and walked around. They have a Fox store! I was shocked.

We went home and Martin was making homemade pasta! Time consuming but wow it was good!

Catholic Church in Montevideo.

Mall that used to be a prison!

By the ocean in Montevideo.

What a sexy place to make out...

Homemade pasta!

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I love the couple making out... MMmmmmmm hot damn!