Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 3 December 28th

Today we drove to Melo. It took us about 5 hours to make the trip. We stopped at the grocery store to get groceries to last us until Thursday when we are going to head back to Montevideo to celebrate New Year’s. At the grocery store I was stared at like crazy. In Montevideo people would look but not to much. Oh not here though. I am being pointed out by little kids, and the worst is when I am speaking. People just gawk at me.  The people working at the Ta Ta {the local store} were so great. I would ask for something and 3 of them would help me find it. We ran into two missionaries at the store. One of them graduated from Alta two years after me! We did not know each other but wow, what a small world!
We went and drove around Melo and Diego showed me his old school and other interesting places. We went out to dinner and I had millanesas of course. We stopped and saw one of Diegos Aunts that I had met in America. It was nice to see her again.
I don’t know if I mentioned how hot Montevideo was, but Melo is ten times hotter. And I am not just talking hot, no no no, the humidity here is something I have never felt in my life. You sweat out of every pour of your body. You know when you put your head under the covers on your bed and all you can breathe is hot air? Well this is like that times ten. It is hard to get a cool breath of fresh air in. Yes I was warned that it would be hot. I did not know that they meant it would be this hot. I did not know this was even possible to tell you the truth.
Everybody in Melo drives motorcycles. Sometimes there will be a family of 4 just squished on the back of one. It’s crazy how fast they all drive through the intersections while barely slowing down!
We stopped at the local gambling place so that I could do some scratch off cards which are my favorite! The workers there just loved me. Everybody was laughing when I would ask Diego if I had won anything. I did not do very good but it was hella fun!
I got to call mi madre {mom} and mi hermana {sister} today. That was nice to hear their voices. Not to homesick yet. There is too much to look at to be bored!

If I lived in Urugauy this is the city I want to live in. They bottle my water here and they make the best cookies!

I just had to take the photo!


On the drive to Melo.


One of Diegos oldest friends!

Out to dinner in Melo with Diegos Mom.

My favorite food, Milanesas!

Its funny to see my clothes outside drying!

Diegos Moms House.

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