Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 4 January 29th

Today we went into Jaguaron Brazil to do a little shopping! Jaguaron is a little town that is separated from Uruguay by a river. Brazil was a little like Tijuana. The whole city is just a bunch of shops and vendors. We bought some towels from one of the guys for our week on the beach.
We stopped on the way back to see some more of Diegos Family. And of course I forgot to take a picture of them. I am pretty sure I was more dehydrated then I have ever been in my life. The sun here just sucks everything out of you! And its not even sunny! I have only seen the sun a couple of times so far.
On the way back from Brazil I slept the whole way to see if that would help me feel better but when we got home I still felt very yucky. I decided to drink a shit load of water bottles and eat some food and that helped a lot. And by the way I did find a water brand that I really like. We have bought all the gas stations and grocery stores out of them.
We stopped by Ta Tas last night to get some chicken to make dinner. Diego cooked!!! I almost dropped dead! It was very yummy too. They do not use a lot of seasonings on their food so I had to buy some black pepper for myself at the store. His mom does not have a pepper grinder so Diego just beat the crap out of it with a knife. It helped the food have lots of great flavor!
I tried to blow dry my hair yesterday and it took over an hour. It just will not dry. I straighten it as best as I can and just pull it into a ponytail but the ends start curling up. The front around my forehead is just a bunch of little curls!

Safety first in Uruguay!

Last city in Uruguay before Brazil!

Over the bridge!

I seriously hate this pic of me but its the only pic I had ofthe bridge.


Cobblestone steets of Brazil.

Bauru. Very yummy sandwich!

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