Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 5 December 30th

Last night we slept with the fan on us full blast and that helped out a ton! Every window in the house is open but there is barely any wind to help out. It is the first day that the sun had actually been shining! After trying to straighten my hair we decided to drive around Melo and do some shopping. I really want something that says Melo to hang on my wall at home but we did not find anything. We stopped at his Tio’s {uncle} old book keeping shop that is being run by his cousin. His cousin wasn’t there but the receptionist has been there since before Diego left so we talked to her for awhile. {Well I did not talk a lot but I did a lot of smiling.}
We went to Diego’s Abuela’s {grandmas} house and ran into a couple of his cousins there. They all call him fat. Everyone does. It’s hilarious! They all ask me when we are going to have kids. I am thinking they all just think I look prego but who knows!
His Abuela is so damn funny. She is 92 years old and is as spunky as they come. She told us that she wants to live ten more years so that she can get even shorter! I thought she was going to freak when she saw Diego. She talks a mile a minute.
After that we drove into the center of town and parked and just decided to walk through some of the shops. I got myself some ice cream and we set off. There was actually wind this afternoon so it wasn’t as bad to walk around. Diego ran into a couple old friends and I just people watched. {And people watched me!}  
Every year Uruguay does a lottery that ends at the end of the year. There are ten tickets of every number; you can buy all ten or just one or two, whichever you want. But if your number is picked you get that percentage of the money. Diego’s sister wanted us to go in on a ticket with them so we went to go pick one up. When we walk in all the people from two days ago smile at me and point at the scratch and win cards. I played two and didn’t win again!
We decided we better go visit all the rest of his cousins, Aunts, and Uncles before we leave tomorrow. His cousin Becke has a really cool job, the only way I can explain it is that he is a bounty hunter for animals. When somebody steals somebody’s livestock he hunts it down and returns it. He and his wife have 5 dogs, a sheep, and a horse at their house. One of the little dogs is named Angelina Jolie! I loved her. It made me miss Minnie so much!
It was crazy to see a lot of his family in one day. They ALL kept asking why we don’t have kids yet. And kept calling Diego fat!

Diego and his grandma.

Grandmas house.

Diegos cousin, grandma, and I.

Diego with his cousins and Aunt.

LDS church in Melo.

Obviously this is something that happens a lot!

Selvas Kitchen.

Diegos Cousins Family

Me and Angelina Jolie!

Two of his cousins families.

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The first picture is sooooooo cute of Diego and his grandma!!