Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 8 January 2nd

We went and ate lunch by the ocean. It was gorgeous view!

I had Natalia make us pedicure appointments so that we would have cute toes for the beach. I thought about doing this before I left America but figured it would be cheap here so I should just wait. Oh my hell. The place she made the appointment at was by her house but she had never gone there. It looked like a nice place, but no it wasn’t. We showed up at our appointment and the owner wasn’t even there. So we waited a couple minutes and another person with an appointment showed up and said we have to call the lady to come over to her own salon. What a joke. So we walk in and Natalia gives me a look. I figure out that face she gave me meant “this place is a shit hole”. I agreed. We sat down to wait for our turn and I decided to look through the colors of nail polish that she had in a basket. The basket was full of dog hair and fugly colors. I wanted to throw up. I looked at Natalia and she looked around nervously asked if we should leave. I said yes that we could do our own toes. We get up and the door is locked! We had to ask the lady to let us out! I was laughing so hard when we finally got out of there! I found a hot pink at the store and just painted my own toesies!

Tonight we went out with everybody to eat dinner. I really wanted to eat a chivito. We went to La Pasiva, one of the most famous places for their Chivitos and I ordered the wrong thing! I really wanted to have my Chivito on a sandwich but I ordered the one that’s just sitting on the plate. But wholly shite it was good! I am hoping I can make them when I get home but I think they are probably the most fattening thing on the planet!!!


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