Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am now officially ready to turn 25!

We have a had a "tiny" problem in our house since Sunday.
I named him Ferdy.
I found Ferdys little droppings/presents in my cupboard on Sunday night.
Diego ran to the store and bought me two traps.
These traps make it so that when Ferdy is killed you never have to see his dead body.
I woke up Monday morning and no Ferdy in the trap.
I had put some of my last moldy cheese bits in the trap and he must not have liked that.
So Monday night I come gome from work and he had moved to other cupboards.
{None with food}
So I take out everything that is in the lower cupboards.
 {My house now looks like it could be on Hoarders.}
I wash and steralize everything.
Tuesday morning still nothing.
Tuesday afternoon I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Stop at Home Depot and pick up three more kinds of traps.
Stop at Harmons and pick up peppermint oil and metal scrapey thingys to shove in the holes.
Clean the kitchen.
Shove metal scrapey things into holes and pour oil on them.
Still afraid to put things back in drawers because what if Ferdy is still hiding in one of the drawers?
Set new traps.
{7 of them}
Realize I only have Feta cheese in the house!
What mouse would not like Feta cheese right?

Ferdy finally met his maker tonight after going for the gourmet cheese.
I couldnt pick up the trap so I called Kim, who had volunteered to take out the dead Ferdy.
So at 10:00 p.m. on Hump Day my situation was finally solved!
And I did it all on my own!
So freakin proud of myself!


Lisa, Cody, Carson and Parker said...

Hooray!!! I'm glad that he is gone. I hope that we don't have any Rodeo Drive mice out our way.

Cal said...

next time (if there is a next time)
try the ones that have the sticky stuff on them. The mouse gets on there and can't get off then you get to watch it squirm to it's death. I am not an mouse hater either!just sayin

Kimber said...

By yourself? You had the dry heaves while I took that bad boy (or girl, I didn't look that close) to the garbage!

The Jaynes Family said...

I am so proud of you!