Saturday, February 27, 2010


What a day I had today.
Mo called me and asked if I had talked to Char.
I start freaking out!
I had not talked to Char since she left over 9 months ago!
What happened? Is she ok?
Mo tells me about the Tsunami and Earthquakes.
Obviously I had not been on the computer yet so I had no idea!
Char then called me and told me that she and the rest of the missionaries were being moved to higher ground and that she wasnt scared and everything is going to be fine.
I call Age to make sure that she had heard about the earthquake.
Her hubby went to Chile on his mission.
He had talked to his friends and found out they were fine.
Thank goodness!
I get on FB on my way home and see that my friend Molly posted that her and her family were about to go up to the temple grounds where the missionaries are waiting out the tsunami.
{Poor Molly finally gets home to see her family in Hawaii and a tsunami comes!}
I told Molly to look for Char while she was up there.
She found her!
I was so happy that Char had such an amazing person to hang out with while she wasnt with her family during this time.
{I teared up a bit}
Well the tsunami hit with very little strength.
As the news puts it "Hawaii dodged a bullet."
Thank goodness for that.
I hope all my friends with family and loved ones in Chile find them safe and sound.


Emily Christine said...

I am so glad Char is ok... I kept worring about her this morning! I was freaking out a little bit, then realized where Bryan is on the opposite side in Bueno Aires. Reports say that they felt it there, but it wasn't too bad. Chile was hit hard, but luckily it didn't continue with the same magnitude! I'm glad Tory's friends were alright!

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad everyone is okay!

Mo Bridge said...

Haha glad she made it seem like I was never gonna see her again when I talked on the phone w/her...

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

phew. I am so anti news...I had no idea all of this even happened. I only hear the news on twitter occasionally, and blogs.

and since I suck lately at both...I am so not in the know.

Jill said...

My inlaws live in Hawaii and we were so happy to know the tsunami was just a little trick. That is such scary stuff!