Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Epic Failure.

Tonight I got home from work at a very decent time so I decided I would make Alfajores.
I had printed off the recipe over the weekend and had boughten all the ingredients.
But yet again I did not FULLY read the instructions.
I decided to be a good little honorary Uruguayan and make my own Dulce de Leche instead of going to the specialty market and buying it.
Malo {Bad} idea.
I guess you can make it with a can of condensed milk {just found this out} but my recipe called for milk and a bunch of other crap.
After your milk and crap has been stirred on LOW for an HOUR AND A HALF you have to somehow cover your pot with plastic wrap and place your pot inside another pot of boiling ass water.
This is where plans changed.
My platic wrap would just not stay put.
I finally got it covered and put it inside the boiling water.
I then realized it had to stay in this ghetto double broiler for ANOTHER hour and a half.
That went right down the sink.
Guess I am headed so the good ole SLC tomorrow to pick up some dulce de leche!
Maybe I will take my BBB with me so that my homeys know that I am not just wandering in to their store on accident!
So stay tuned for the actual cookie recipe for these bad boys!


T,A,K,E said...

I love love love Alfajores! We just buy them, good for you for trying to make them! Come to Vegas and I will take you to the BEST ONES EVER!

The Jaynes Family said...

Look at you, I love how "brown" you are becoming! You will have to let Devin try one when you get them made, he loves alfajores!