Friday, June 25, 2010

world cup has taken over my twitter.

I hate being too busy to sit down on the computer and blog!
This week has gone by super fast and I haven't even been able to get on and brag about my team!
They beat Mexico!
Now they are in the final 16!
They play South Korea at 8 in the morning mañana!
I will finally get to watch a game instead of DVR'ing it!
My twitter feed is filled up with world cup scores all day, every day and its all we talk about at work.
{Well thats all I talk about with the cool people!}
I have always loved soccer, I played for at least ten years growing up but when I hit the ripe old age of 16 I was only playing to flirt with the boys. I wish I would have gone on but it just didn't happen. 
My Saturdays growing up were spent at the soccer fields from sun up till mid afternoon. With three girls playing there was always a game to watch or just wait a half an hour for another one to start.
One thing I have always wanted to do is coach my niños soccer teams. {Yeah you have to have kids first but...} 

So everybody watch Uruguay kick some South Korean butt tomorrow!

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